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Post CrossFit Games – Rob Powell, CrossFit Ansbach, Germany

Name: Rob Powell
Age: 45
Affiliate: CrossFit Ansbach
Country: Germany
Individual/team participation: Old Dudes ;-P 45-49 age group
Participation in other CrossFit Games/year + placement: no
How did you like the CrossFit Games 2011? Loved it! Woodstock for jocks
Which WOD did you like the most + why? 3rds for time of Muscle ups, Thrusters with 62kgx8 for time. Why? Because it get’s to the point.
Which WOD did you dislike the most + why? They were all good. They (HQ) kept it varied.
Are your satisfied with your training leading up to the Games? Never.
Are your satisfied with your effort and placement at the Games? No! I can do better.
How could you prepare better for next year – would you change something?
This year will consist of more short sprints 30-40-50 meter range. At least 1x a week. I will also be working on things like 1 legged ohs, more dumbell movements and core exercises.