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Post CrossFit Games – Samantha Briggs, CrossFit 3D/Central Manchester, UK

Name: Samantha Briggs

Age: 29

Affiliate: CrossFit 3D/Central Manchester

Country: UK

Individual/team participation: Individual

Placement: 4th

Participation in other CrossFit Games/year + placement: 2010 – 19th

How did you like the CrossFit Games 2011? I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Each Event, although brutal was enjoyable in their own way! Even the run up-to the games where we had to register & spend 3 days of familiarisation before the games meant I got to know the other athletes leading to a more relaxed feel to the games.

Which WOD did you like the most + why? I would have to say the last one just because I won 😉;-) It was hot, it was hard work but pulling the sled over the line first was incredible!

Which WOD did you dislike the most + why? The killer cage … I wouldn’t say I disliked it but I found it the hardest, the front squats were heavy and as much as I tried I couldn’t get into a comfortable rhythm on the bars.

Are your satisfied with your training leading up to the Games? I feel I have improved loads from last year but I still have a long way to go … training for 2012 has started already!!!

Are your satisfied with your effort and placement at the Games? I was aiming for top 10 this year and came 4th so I am over the moon, but I’ve now made things harder for myself as next year I need to top it and make that podium.

How could you prepare better for next year – would you change something? This years concentration is going to be on technique, the more efficient I can get on my lifts & comfortable in executing those lifts the better.