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FIT AS FU*K 2011 – Participants! Are you ready?

Dear participants! Please check that your name/team is on this list here.

If you are not able to participate anyway please let us know! This will make the planning of heats much easier and will save us a lot of time Saturday.

!! Remember that you still need to check in Saturday in the following time slots !! 

8.30 – 8.45  Teams (only 1 pers/team)

8.45 – 9.00  Women – Individual competitors

9.00 – 30 Men – Individual competitors

— 0O0 —-

Time schedule will be released Friday, and you will know your heat for workout 1 and workout 2 up on sign-in

If you are not on time for the registration, you might not be able to participate – please don’t be late!