20 step story of a typical crossfitter


1. Hear about CrossFit through someone that is annoying and obsessed.

2. Attend a Free class…and one of two things happen – you love it & you are hooked already (skip to #6) OR…

3. Still very skeptical, go back to the couch or your regular way of training… but…whether you like it or not, can’t stop thinking about & hearing about CrossFit and all those fit, amazing, fun people.

4. Come back again, start asking more questions & poking around at the equipment.

5. Check out some links online, one thing leads to another & hrs pass by.

6. Join a box.

7. Start carving out 3ish hrs a week to do a bunch of crazy functional stuff that hurts a lot but feels so good.

8. Friend other CrossFitters on facebook.

9. Rip your hands open, a little shocked and in a bit of pain…you’re smiling on the inside. It feels cool.

10. Start using the lingo… “WOD” “Rx’d”, “AMRAP” “Snatch” & “Fran”.

11. Attend some CrossFit oriented events and begin actually looking forward to working out on the weekends.

12. Lift a barbell that weighs more than you off the ground.

13. Continue to drink too much & overload on carbs bc now that you train so hard, you deserve to celebrate with a few beers and a pizza.

14. Buy some t-shirts that have catchy slogans on them and special shoes.

15. Date someone from the box. Stalk games athletes online.

16. Realize after 6 months or so that you are slightly stagnant and need to give this dreaded Paleo stuff a try. Educate yourself & commit to trying a Paleolitic-based Diet.

17. See drastic improvements, feel incredible, dominate workouts like never before and preach about eating like a caveman to everyone you know.

18. Talk about CrossFit. Think about CrossFit. Dream about CrossFit.

19. Get a CrossFit inspired tattoo…ok probably not but at least rock a bumper sticker.

20. Bleed this lifestyle, surround yourself with likeminded people, & want everyone that you love and care about to join your CrossFit ways…. because you know, that as of now, & as far as you can see…there is no better method.

(FYI: you are now that ‘someone’ from Step #1)


Source: Dawn Fletcher, owner of Fletcher Fitness


39 thoughts on “20 step story of a typical crossfitter

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  2. Sooo funny and totally true! I am pretty new to it all, but am already that totally obsessed annoying person. But from the end of November until now, I have experienced changes in appearance and ability that make me a believer! Amazing stuff!!

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  4. The person I heard about it from was nowhere near as annoying as I am now. I did the jump to joining immediately after my intro workout, because I figured if I signed up for a year right off the bat I’d be more likely to come. Everything else did indeed fall into place, maybe slightly out of order.

    Any time someone asks me about Crossfit now I have to give them a disclaimer. “I can easily talk about this for an hour, and I’m probably going to annoy the shit out of you. So let me know if you want me to shut up.”

  5. Every thing BUT 15 & 19…..LOL

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  8. Funny and correct!

  9. If only I knew of a crossfit gym that had child care…

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  12. Damn*** you nailed it.

  13. There are Five more:

    21: Realize that non-specific programming and true randomness can only get you so strong and so fit.

    22: Read every CrossFit Journal article you can find on getting strong. Read Starting Strength, and Practical Programming, and a hundred other books cover to cover.

    23: Realize that the only way you get past the average-good phase of training is to develop true goals and adopt a much more regimented strength program focused around the oly lifts.

    24: Change your focus to oly lifting and subsidize with CrossFit.

    25: Back Squat 400#s, Deadlift 500#s, and destroy all your old peers in every WOD. Feel better about life.

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  16. spot on and too funny, love it! I’d say I’m at number 18 with a few skips in between.

  17. haha. still at #3 but I have a Living Social deal I bought with 10 classes just sitting in my inbox waiting to be used. 😉

  18. 15. Is tough when their facebook is private lol

  19. still working toward 12; only half of 15 & I think my 40th bday tattoo might have something related to Crossfit (but that’s still a couple years away)

  20. Love this….and it happened ot me…and it’s never been the same. Just wish I had started before I was 60!

  21. Reblogged this on Jrog19's Blog and commented:
    Great breakdown

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  23. Perfect Analysis!! 🙂

  24. Where is the step where you become an annoying tool or is this a necessary precursor to becoming a CrossFit enthusiast.

  25. 21. Participate in Open, tear your achilles tendon doing high rep box jumps.

  26. I can’t get past step 1. You guys are annoying as fuck.

  27. I’m on step #6, but I’m already craving my next workout. We’ll see about the dating a girl from my box and tattoo though. =)

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    • Not really – we use a template theme from wordpress, and have only designed the header ourselves. So far we haven’t had any problems. BR, Ditte

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