Ditte Jacobsen:

Sarah Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup:

19 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Er der flere pladser til Rooney?

  2. Hej Sarah
    Jeg vil også gerne booke en plads på cert 1!


    • Du tilmelder dig direkte via linket her på hjemmesiden. Tilmelding er efter først til mølle-princippet.

      Der er plads til ca. 50 deltagere, og der er vildt run på!

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering if it was too late to register to compete in the fit as fu*k challenge?
    If not, how many spaces are there for female, male and masters?
    Thank you

  4. Hi Sam,

    Yep, there are still a FEW spots available – see much more here:

    Hoping to see you in the competition.


  5. Hi there,
    I’m staying in Copenhagen for 10 days later in July – could you give me some suggestions for gyms where I can do olympic weightlifting, so that I don’t have to miss my training days?
    Many thanks!

  6. Sarah and Ditte,
    you guys and everyone else involved did one heck of a job! You can be very proud of yourselves.

    It was an amazing event!


  7. Is there a place I can order a t-shirt with the skull design?
    It’s really cool!
    I’m in the US.

  8. Er der en aldersgrænse til fit as fuck?

  9. Hi,

    We had a visitor, Benjamin, from Butcher Garage come to see us here in Helsinki. Sorry we weren’t open at the time, but thanks for grabbing a t-shirt anyway! Feel free to come back another time. Cheers, Ben from CrossFit Central Helsinki!

  10. Do you give personal training anywhere?

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