Information for athletes, spectators, judges/officials

SPECTATORS: free – no tickets needed! First event starts at 10:00 and there will be ongoing competitions all day.

PARKING: possible in the area – smaller parking fees


  • All day judges/officials: sign in 9.00, ground level, contact person: Yasir + briefing 9:30 by Sarah, 2nd floor. Hereafter meet with Yasir at the battle field for further instructions for judges
  • Morning judges/officials: same as above – work until 13/14
  • Afternoon judges/officials: meet in at 13/14 and work until 19/20 (report to Yasir Maafri in between heats – he will be standing in the middle of the battle field and is easy to find)
  • Lunch: lunch will be provided for free (sandwich) in the Café at 12-14
  • Bring: warm clothes, umbrella etc.

We will provide sandwiches for all helpers and a cool judge/official shirt!

Thanks again for helping out.


Sign in:

  • Teams: 8:30-8:45 (1 person/team)
  • Women: 8:45-9:00
  • Men: 9:00-9:30

Sign in is at the ground level. Find Ditte and her helpers. They will sit colse to the battle ground or inside “Valby Kulturhus”.

Picture of the entrance:

WOD briefing 9:30, athletes’ zone/”Valby Kulturhus”, 2nd floor by Sarah.

Athletes can leave their bags in the athletes’ zone at own risk.

Athletes can shower in the athletes’ zone after the competition.

A shedule of the day/WODs/times will be posted on the blog or announced on the day of competition.

Teams start each WOD, then women, and last men. 1st heat starts at 11:00.


Warm-up area will be in the soccer cage – there will be equipment available.

Picture of warm-up area (in one of the corners of the battle field):

LUNCH – almost right on the battle field

Café MÆT, Toftegårds Plads, 2500 Valby: – menu:


Same place as the competition (Café MÆT, Toftegårds Plads, 2500 Valby). Starts right after the competition


  • When: 27. August 2011 @ 9AM-8PM (1st heat starts at 11AM)
  • Where:Toftegårds Plads“, 2500 Valby, Denmark (centrally located in Copenhagen)
  • Toftegårds Plads is a public square in the middle of the city part “Valby”, centrally located in Copenhagen and 1 km. from CrossFit Butcher’s Garage
  • Competitors: Individual men and women + teams (2 men + 1 woman)
  • Number of WODS: 3 + 1 final (for individuals + teams)
  • Cut-offs: all athletes will participate in WOD 1 and 2
  • Scoring: CrossFit Games standard scoring
  • Prizes: 1-3 men/women/teams, best affiliate trophy + style award
  • Afterparty: YES – same place as the competition (Café MÆT, Toftegårds Plads, 2500 Valby). Starts right after the competition
  • Judges/officials/sponsors: please contact
  • More info:
  • Hotel suggestion:〈=en
  • CrossFit Butcher’s Garage is located 1 KM from Toftegårds Plads: Kløverbladsgade 53, 2500 Valby
  • In case you can’t make it anyway, your registration fee will NOT be refunded.
  • Prepare for an outdoor competition.
  • Athletes will have a rest area inside.
  • There is a café on Toftegårds Plads and lots of small stores, supermarkets and cafees within 200 meters.
  • Transportation: train to Valby and 1,5 min walk.


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