WOD # 5: The Final



Perform 2 rounds of each of the following triplets:

Triplet A)

  • 400 m run
  • 10 ring dips
  • 20 goblet squats w/KB 32/24 kg.

Triplet B)

  • 400 m row
  • 10 chest to bar pull-ups
  • 20 KB swings 32/24 kg.

20 min time limit!


BEST PLACED 8 men / 3 masters/ 5 women

2 heats with 8 athletes – 1st heat: men, 2nd heat: women+masters


Time limit is 20 mins. Fastest athlete will be the winner of the competetion!

10 min break between the two heats.


Note that all points will be erased prior to the final!

The athletes will be ranked after their time. If they fail to complete the wod within the time limit, they will be ranked according to how many reps they have done. Scaling is not possible in the final.


Ring dips: Elbow crease must be below 90 degrees. Kipping is allowed.

OK – good rep strict:

OK – good rep kipping:

Fail – not below 90 degrees:

Goblet squats: The KB must be held with both hands over hip height. Squats are below parallel.

OK – good rep:

Fail – shoulder support:

C2B pullups: Any part of the chest (below the collar bone), must touch the bar for the rep to count.

OK – good rep:

Fail – no touch:

Alternate and allowed grips:

KB swings: These are high swings. Ears visible in front of arms, and full extension of the hip in top position. KB CAN TILT IN THE TOP POSITION.

OK – good rep:


Sports hall + running field.


Judges will note athlete name, number and time.

JUDGES: 8 judges + head judge Mads Jacobsen

EVENT RESPONSIBLE: Asger Frøsig + Søren Madsen (rowing)

Tentative program for the day – see here.

Scoring system and cut offs – se here.

2 thoughts on “WOD # 5: The Final

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