• Name: Sarah Elisabeth Lindasdatter Troelsen Krarup
  • Age: born 6th March 1979
  • Weight: 63 kg. (-63 kg olympic weightlifter)
  • Started CrossFit: June 2008
  • Started Olympic weightlifting: end 2010
  • CrossFit gym: Butcher’s Garage (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Weightlifting club: IK99 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Occupation: Legal Counsel, Maersk
  • Military carreer: Officer of the Reserve (linguistic officer in Arabic/Army + Legal Advisor/Navy)
  • e-mail:
  • Personal training blog:

In the media:

Goals 2014:

  • 75 kg snatch in competition (current 73 kg)
  • 95 kg clean (current 91 kg)
  • 93 kg C&J in competition (current 91 kg)
  • Better at BW CrossFit exercises in WODs
  • Qualification to the European Championships in Weightlifting (2015): Participated in 2014

7 thoughts on “Sarah

  1. Hi Sarah

    Love your writing. I run my own site would be cool if you wanted to do a quest post on our site…let me know! Celestie

  2. I normally load the full article on my site and then back link…. Maybe you can email me one I can use and I will link it to your site.

  3. Awesome will add it on now! Thanks so much

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