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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Joey Scafidi, Crossfit Praha, Czech Republic

Name: Joey Scafidi
Age: 29
Affiliate: Crossfit Praha
Country: Czech Republic
Crossfitting since: August 2009
Favorite WOD: short, strength based workouts
Obstacles: high rep muscle ups
Future goals: deadlift 500lbs
Favorite meal/diet: I do paleo/dairy and roasted pig knee is the best!
Ostacles: turning down food when I’m around new people
Future goals: compete in the CrossFit Regionals next year!
Joey is attending the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25. SEPT in Denmark!

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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Brian Bowen, CrossFit Ramstein, Germany

Name: Brian Bowen

Age: 31

Affiliate: CrossFit Ramstein

Country: Germany

Affiliate/blog www-page:

Crossfitting since: June 2006

My favorite WOD: Anything involving shoulders / overhead

My RX-time: N/A

Why this WOD is my favorite: It is my ‘CrossFit Strength’

My favorite meal/diet: Paleo

Why this meal/diet is my favorite: Health, performance, mood, body composition…too many benefits to name

Any obstacles?: Recovering from recent shoulder surgery

Future goals: Compete in FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge, CrossFit Games 2012, open commercial affiliate in Colorado

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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Nicolas Gomez Iglesias, CrossFit Copenhagen, Denmark


Name: Nicolas Gomez Iglesias

Age: 29

Affiliate: CrossFit Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Affiliate/blog www-page:

Crossfitting since: September 2008.

My favorite WOD: Cindy (I love Fran but she keeps kicking my ass!)

My RX-time: 25 rounds.

Why this WOD is my favorite: It hits a lot of different muscle groups and it’s possible to keep up the intensity for a long period of time.

Any obstacles?: I keep destroying my hands on the pull-ups due to bad technique.

Future goals: To keep making PRs and RX’ing the WOD’s.

My favorite meal/diet: I started following the Zone Diet a little over 1 year ago and have no intention of stopping again. Other than that I try not to eat white flour, too starchy foods and only eat a little sugar after workouts. I try to eat food with a low GI value as often as possible. I guess I eat a mixture of Zone/Paleo.

A typical example of a dinner would be as shown on the picture (chicken, apple, broccoli, blueberries, almonds and cashews). I ate this meal when I was working late at the office. Since we don’t have a kitchen to prepare food in at my work all the food was bought in the local grocery store and eaten cold. When eating at home my dinner would normally contain more vegetables and less fruit.

Why this meal/diet is my favorite: I found the Zone to be the best diet for me. By eating after The Zone diet I have balanced energy for performing optimal both physically and mentally throughout the day. It optimises the body’s ability to burn fat for energy which I also think is quite useful.

Any obstacles?: The first weeks in the Zone were quite hard. It took some time to find out in which way I had to adjust the diet for my body.

Future goals: Concerning dieting and meals my goal is to keep learning more about nutrition and optimizing my diet for my body. Also being able to help other people wanting help with their diet. 

Nicholas will be attending the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25. SEPT 2010 in Denmark.

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Favorite WOD and favorite meal – Martin Altemark, CrossFit Uppsala, Sweden

Name: Martin Altemark

Age: will be 35 this year

Affiliate: CrossFit Uppsala

Country: Sweden

Affiliate/blog www-page:

Crossfitting since: 2006

My favorite WOD: 

Depends! If we’re talking WODs I’m pretty good at or find pretty comfy it would be 30 strict muscle-ups for time or “Nate” (20 min AMRAP of 2 muscle-ups, 4 handstand pushups, 8 32kg kettlebell swings).

However, if we’re talking WODs that I need, and that messes me up big time it’s all about intervals! Like “Barbara” or that row-interval “Fran-ish” thing that was up on mainsite a few times some years back (think it is 1000m row, 21 thrusters, 15 pullups – 2 min rest – 750m row, 18 thrusters, 12 pullups – 2 min rest – 500m row, 15 thrusters, 9 pullups). Those kinds of WODs are horrible, but wonderful!

My RX-time: “Nate” 15 rounds, 30 strict MUs for time – 11 minutes etc

Why this WOD is my favorite: The first type because I’m fairly good at them (gymnastics), and they never really becomes that uncomfortable. Intervals because they mess me up in a good way. I love/hate that.

Any obstacles?: Getting workouts in, improving and keeping cortisol in check despite my life being pretty full (having full time job besides running an affiliate and trying to be a good father and husband). Can’t say it’s going too well. But I’m pretty good at being mediocre!

Future goals: Oh! Don’t really know! When I was asked by OPT to think about my goals for 2010 and wrote them down as 1) having fun 2) Stop being so damn weak (getting BW snatch, 100+ C&J, actually getting SOME muscles on my legs) and 3) run 5k below 20 mins.

Also hoping to getting through that FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge alive, so that I can drink loads of beer afterwards with friends!

My favorite meal/diet: Trying to keep foods fairly paleo, but am not that strict about it. I really like a nicely built salad! Maybe with salmon!

Why this meal/diet is my favorite: It looks as good as it tastes!

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Introducing our next theme “favorite WOD and favorite CrossFit diet/meal”


Our next theme is “favorite WOD and favorite CrossFit diet/meal”.

CrossFitters from all over the world will share their favorite WODs and meals + goals, obstacles etc. with you.

A selection of crossfitters attending the FIT AS FU*K CrossFit Challenge 25 SEPT 2010 in Denmark will also be sharing their favorite WODs and meals – so stay tuned and learn more about your competitors……

Please, feel free to share your favorite WOD and diet/meal by answering the questions below and e-mail them + photos to: no later than 30. May 2010.


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Affiliate:
  • Country:
  • Affiliate/blog www-page:
  • Crossfitting since:
  • My favorite WOD:
  • My RX-time:
  • Why this WOD is my favorite:
  • Any obstacles?:
  • Future goals:
  • My favorite meal/diet:
  • Why this meal/diet is my favorite:
  • Any obstacles?:
  • Future goals:


Ditte & Sarah

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“No equipment – no problem” – CrossFit Endurance

Vacation is a great time to work on your endurance – why not try CrossFit Endurance:

The www-page each day suggests a WOD for either:

  • Running
  • Rowing (C2)
  • Biking, or
  • Swimming

Example – WOD 25. May 2010:

Choose ONE of the Following Sports:

Swim: 10 x 100m/y holding fastest possible pace without deviating more than 5 sec… 15 sec recoveries

Bike: 4 x 2 mile hill repeats, holding fastest possible pace and not deviating more than 1 min per repeat. Recoveries are, how long it takes you to come down the hill. If you do not have a hill then use tension on a trainer or ergometer with steady/ heavy tension.

Run: 2 x 3/4 – 1 mile hill repeats holding fastest possible pace without deviating more then 1 minute and recovering 1 min before descending hill easy. Repeat after 1 min recovery at bottom of hill… treadmill use 7% grade, recover 2 min and repeat

C2: 3 x 1k repeats not deviating more then 10 seconds. 2 min recoveries.

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“No equipment – no problem” – Beast skills- online resource


Another www-page perfect for “no equipment training” –

On this page dedicated to “Old School Bodyweight Strength” you’ll find tutorials about a lot of cool stuff like for instance:

• Freestanding Handstand Pushups

• Clapping Handstand Pushups

• One Arm Pushup

• No Handed One Arm Chin-up

• The Flag

• L-seat to Handstand Press

• Handstand <=> One Arm Elbow Lever

Why not use the holidays to practice your skills and impress your fellow crossfitters when you return ?

Have fun!

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CrossFit OBBC – box tour across Denmark

See the video from the Danish news here:

Box tour visited:

0200    CrossFit Aalborg
0430    Aarhus CrossFit
0715    CrossFit OBBC
0955    CrossFit Training Center Køge
1150    CrossFit The Royal Danish LIfe Guards
1330    CrossFit Denmark
1450    CrossFit Royal Danish Defence
1610    CrossFit Østerbro
1735    CrossFit Copenhagen
1900    PaideiaGym CrossFit
2020    CrossFit Butcher’s Lab


Ditte & Sarah